Friday, January 12, 2018

Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks, Gestational Diabetes & Prayer Requests

Happy New Year friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We had an incredible Christmas with the kids & our families. So thankful for the sweet memories made! 


It’s been a while since I posted a pregnancy update. I am 31 weeks pregnant. Can’t believe we are in the third trimester & home stretch already! I seriously need the weeks to slow down. There’s still so much to do before our new little guy arrives!  

I have loved being pregnant & am not ready for this experience to end. I have truly enjoyed watching my body change & grow week by week. It's still hard to believe I am growing a baby, although with size my bump is getting, it’s a little bit hard not to be aware of it all the time! ;) I love feeling & watching our little one moving around. So thankful for our growing miracle boy! It’s been an incredible blessing to be able to experience pregnancy & I’ve tried to embrace & soak up every little bit and piece of our journey as possible! 

Now for a not so fun update... 
Last week, I found out I have gestational diabetes. 
It’s been quite an emotional week of wrapping my mind around this news & making the necessary adjustments to my diet, etc. I am really disappointed & sad to be dealing with this, but doing the best I can to stick to the plan & not let this hurdle steal my joy. I am starting to get into the routine of the new meal schedule + checking my blood sugar levels 4 times a day. Physically, I feel fine but emotionally I have been down. To be honest, after all we’ve been through to get to this point, it is frustrating to find myself yet again facing the fact that my body isn’t doing what it is supposed to do. 

Cary has been an incredible source of encouragement & support for me. So thankful for my amazing husband! 

My plan & hope has been to have a natural birth at the Birth Center of Baton Rouge. Because of gestational diabetes, that might not be possible. I’m feeling anxious about being in limbo & not having a birth plan or location in place yet. We should know within the next couple of weeks where we will be cleared to deliver. Even if we have to be in the hospital, I am hoping a natural birth will still be possible. After blocking birth from my mind for years, it was quite a process to explore what type of birth I wanted to plan. Once I educated myself on natural birth, I knew it was the route I wanted to go. I will be sad if it ends up not being possible because of gestational diabetes, but I'm hopeful that won't be the case!
While gestational diabetes is not uncommon, it is scary to consider the risks & complications often associated with it, but I have been trying not to go there! Right now, I’m taking things day by day, meal by meal & blood sugar reading by blood sugar reading...that’s truly all I can do! Just when I think I’ve learned all I can about surrendering, God shows me I still have a ways to go.

I would really appreciate your prayers for me & baby boy. Pray that we would both stay healthy throughout the remaining 9 weeks of my pregnancy. Pray that we both experience little to no risks or complications from gestational diabetes. Pray for Cary & I as we prepare our hearts, home & kids for bringing home baby brother! 

I can’t wait to hold our baby boy in my arms & soak up every bit of his sweetness! It has been fun to pull out of the baby boy clothes & get all our baby gear washed & organized. Our family is throwing us a baby shower in just a few weeks, which will be so special! I have maternity photos coming up & am really looking forward to having this sweet season of life captured. 
I am SO excited to see Izzy & Noah with their baby brother, but I am also really nervous about the huge transition we are all about to go through! It’s going to be pretty chaotic around here for a while with three kids 3 and under, that’s for sure! It will be interesting to recover from birth & learn to breastfeed for the first time while also caring for two toddlers. One thing is for sure, we will need a lot of help from our families & support system to get us through the first few months as a family of five! 

Anyway, I wanted to give an update & let y’all know how you can be praying for us during this time! Thanks for all the love you’ve shown us over the years, and especially over the past year as we continue to share our fertility & pregnancy journey with you. Thankful to be walking through this with an army of people who love & care for us! 

With love, 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Baby Steps 2017

We recently attended Baby Steps 2017! We walked in celebration of our 3 miracle babies & in anticipation of the miracle babies God is going to bring to so many who are currently walking through infertility. We love this annual Sarah's Laughter event! It is truly amazing to see hundreds of people gathered in one place to support their loved ones & raise awareness for infertility! 
Last year we walked in faith for Baby K #3 & as of this weekend, I’ll be 28 weeks pregnant! It was such a special day for me as I walked that same path as last year... Only in my wildest dreams could I have truly imagined last year that we would be expecting now. I am so grateful for all God has done in our family & in my heart! 
I hope our story will encourage those of you still waiting that God does have a plan. I know the wait is painful & the grief is real. I know the unknowns & the what-ifs are overwhelming. I know you’ve been disappointed & devastated beyond words. I know it’s hard not to feel hopeless & defeated as you walk through this season... I may not know the ins & outs of your specific story, but I know the hurt runs so deep. I want to be a voice of hope to you today...keep believing, keep hoping & keep fighting for your dream. He hears, He knows, He cares...and so do I.
If you’re on the outside of the infertility world wondering how you can help a loved one or friend who is struggling... a listening ear, shoulder to cry on, sensitive tongue, a supportive heart & prayer can make a huge difference! Simply reminding your loved one that they aren’t alone & or forgotten (especially over the holidays) will touch their hearts. 

Thankful for those of you who walked with us throughout our journey to grow our family. We are forever touched & changed by your compassion, support & prayers!

With love,

Sunday, December 10, 2017

National Adoption Month: Why Share?

Why do we share our adoption stories? 

We originally started sharing because God put it on my heart to be open about our struggles with infertility & the new journey He was going to bring us on through adoption. We wanted the people in our lives to understand what the adoption process was like & be with us through it. We wanted to bring awareness to infertility & let others know they aren’t alone in their struggle. It was scary at first to put our story & our hearts out there, but the response we’ve received has been incredibly beautiful.
We continue to share about adoption because it’s a huge part of our lives & our family! Our biggest motivation is our kids. We want adoption to be something those around us become familiar with so our kids grow up in a supportive, accepting & loving community. We hope by sharing our story & experiences + adoption resources & education, we will help create an environment where our kids’ stories are embraced, their feelings heard & their identities celebrated. Through sharing, we invite people into our story & hope their views/stereotypes/misconceptions about adoption are impacted.

Shoutout to all of you who joined in sharing your adoption stories throughout the month of November! I know it’s not always easy to be vulnerable. Adoption is complex & there are a lot of experiences, opinions & feelings attached (all valid, all real & all important)! It is incredible to be a part of a community that hears & learns from one another.

And thank you to those of you outside of the adoption community for following along. I love that you care & you want to learn! Means so much.

With love,