Sunday, December 10, 2017

National Adoption Month: Why Share?

Why do we share our adoption stories? 

We originally started sharing because God put it on my heart to be open about our struggles with infertility & the new journey He was going to bring us on through adoption. We wanted the people in our lives to understand what the adoption process was like & be with us through it. We wanted to bring awareness to infertility & let others know they aren’t alone in their struggle. It was scary at first to put our story & our hearts out there, but the response we’ve received has been incredibly beautiful.
We continue to share about adoption because it’s a huge part of our lives & our family! Our biggest motivation is our kids. We want adoption to be something those around us become familiar with so our kids grow up in a supportive, accepting & loving community. We hope by sharing our story & experiences + adoption resources & education, we will help create an environment where our kids’ stories are embraced, their feelings heard & their identities celebrated. Through sharing, we invite people into our story & hope their views/stereotypes/misconceptions about adoption are impacted.

Shoutout to all of you who joined in sharing your adoption stories throughout the month of November! I know it’s not always easy to be vulnerable. Adoption is complex & there are a lot of experiences, opinions & feelings attached (all valid, all real & all important)! It is incredible to be a part of a community that hears & learns from one another.

And thank you to those of you outside of the adoption community for following along. I love that you care & you want to learn! Means so much.

With love,

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

National Adoption Month: Culture & The Priceless Co

Today I'm sharing about culture & The Priceless Co {an amazing company that uses coins to create unique jewelry. proceeds go towards helping free victims of sex trafficking.}

Adoption made me a mother & allowed me the honor of calling the most beautiful little girl I know my daughter. Raising my sweet Isabel is the greatest privilege & gift of my life. When I look at her, I beam with pride & gratitude. One reason Isabel’s birth mother choose us as her parents was because she felt a confidence in her heart that I would always advocate for her, celebrate her heritage & honor her story. 

Once I heard about the mission & purpose behind The Priceless Co., I couldn’t wait to buy a necklace & support such a worthy cause. When I saw they had Mexican coins available, I knew I had to have a necklace with one to represent my sweet Izzy’s heritage. 
In a world that focuses on & favors sameness, it is so important for us as a family built by adoption to embrace & celebrate the qualities that make our daughter uniquely her. Wearing my necklace is a simple way to show my pride in my daughter. Each time I put on my necklace, I am sweetly reminded of the reason my daughter’s birth mom chose me & I am empowered to do all I can to make sure my daughter grows up feeling proud of who she is! 

Click here to order your own personalized piece of jewelry! Every purchase helps show a rescued victim of human trafficking how priceless she is!

With love,

Friday, December 1, 2017

National Adoption Month: Ready for Adoption

How did we know we were ready for adoption? 

We were ready for a baby. Ready to be parents. Ready to move forward with our lives. Ready to grow & embrace a new journey. Ready to humble ourselves & ready to learn. Ready be open about our story. Ready to work hard & fight like heck to make it happen. Ready to love big & take chances. Ready to be vulnerable & put our hearts out there. Ready to step into someone else’s story & lock arms in love. Ready to say yes & ready to trust God in a deeper way than ever before. 
In reality, we weren’t really “ready” at all...but step by step God made us ready as we surrendered it all to Him. Love this quote: “God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called.” Friends, let’s not let feeling unqualified or intimidated keep us from going after the life we know we were meant for!

With love,