Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blessings & Busyness!

Hi y’all! Wow, we’ve had such a big week! I’ve wanted to write a new post all week but haven’t had any time! Since so much has happened, I thought I would just write a little update post! God has been blessing us in so many amazing ways lately! We’ve had so many prayers answered this week, from little things to big things! It’s been very encouraging and we are thankful!

This week we…

Started our first fundraiser!
The Adoption Closet Sale has been very successful so far! We’ve raised around $1,500 in just a few days! It’s been so encouraging and fun to have people give towards our adoption but also receive something in return! I’ve had a blast being a personal stylist for all the girls who have shopped our sale ;)!
If anyone is interested in coming to look through all the items of clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc. please let me know by either emailing me at, Facebooking me or texting me! You can also shop & bid on items through our fundraising instagram @fundraisingforbabyk ! We will be hosting this fundraiser for the next couple of weeks (until we move)!

Our first shoppers! 
 Griffin & I had SO much fun when she came over! 
Carolyn bought 26 items! The record so far! 

Completed our home study (well almost)!
We finished the interview process of our home study! We really enjoyed meeting with our social worker. The home study helped educate us on aspects of adoption and also made us talk through lots of adoption and parenting topics! Once our social worker types up our information and finalizes it, we will be approved! Yay! One major step closer to bringing Baby K home!

 We took pictures after every home study meeting to document the process! I'm so glad we did! 

Attended a prolife/adoption fundraiser!
Cary and I were blessed to attend Bowties for Babies, a benefit held to fundraise for Advertise for Life Project through the Louisiana Right to Life federation. It was a great night celebrating advances in prolife efforts and adoption in Louisiana. We were touched by the stories shared and encouraged by the progress being made in Louisiana legislation for the prolife movement! It was also a special night for us to officially celebrate beginning our adoption journey with my parents!

I'm so thankful for my parents!

Got our baby crib!
Oh my goodness, we have a baby crib in our house!!! I have been waiting for it to get here all week and it finally arrived! Cary put it together and it looks great! Can’t wait to start planning out the rest of the nursery! I love decorating, crafting and all things baby nursery (you should see my Pinterest board!) so I’m pretty excited to get to start working on new projects for little Baby K! I’ve been anticipating the day I could finally do these kinds of things, so I get excited about every little detail!

Found someone to rent!
Another HUGE thing happened this week! We found someone to sublease our house while we are away in Canada for the 2014 football season. We are so excited and extremely relieved. We were about to give up the search and start moving out, so you can imagine how happy we are that we don’t have to do that! Woo! Thanks to all of you who prayed for our housing situation. We are grateful and God is so good!

How you can pray for us this week:
Cary and I are taking a much needed trip to the beach! It’s a late anniversary trip for us, and we are excited about taking some time for ourselves before our big move back to Canada! Pray for us relax, soak up the sun and enjoy quality time together!
Pray for us as we continue our fundraising efforts, specifically our Adoption Closet Sale! Also, we received our first few adoption donations this week! Please pray for the sweet, generous people who have supported us so far. We have been so touched by people's willingness to bless us. 
Pray for us as we prepare to move! We have so much to do and need it all to fall into place over the next few weeks! Pray for Cary as he continues to train and prepare for training camp and the transition to a new football team.
Pray for us as we continue to share our story with so many! We want to give God glory through our journey and share the truth of His love and goodness with people!
And finally, please pray over all the aspects of our adoption, especially our sweet baby-to-be! We are trusting God with our journey & rejoicing over answered prayer!

Thanks for checking in! 

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