Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Wow, I can't really put into words how blessed we have felt this week after announcing our adoption! Thank y'all so much for all of the support and love! We have been so encouraged and touched by all of the responses! Baby K is going to be one loved little baby!
We have gotten so many questions about our adoption journey over the past week. We thought it would be a good idea to post some of the most frequently asked! Feel free to ask us more, so you can learn as we learn! :)

Where will Baby K be born?

We are pursuing domestic adoption, meaning we are adopting from within the U.S. We won’t know what state our baby will be born in until closer to the end of the adoption process.

How does this process work?

In our last post, we talked about our home study, which is the first major step in our adoption process. We have almost finished the interviewing process of our home study and are expecting it
to be completed by June. (Refer back to our first post to read more about the home study!)
Instead of working with just one adoption agency, we are actually working with adoption consultants. The consultants will act as “middle men” between us and multiple adoption agencies, lawyers and other adoptive situations. We are hoping this will help the adoption process go faster and more smoothly. Our adoption consultants are Christians and see their business as a ministry. Their goal is to allow us have a positive adoption experience and to provide comfort, guidance and support throughout the process. They have grown their own families through adoption and know firsthand how intimidating and difficult the process to adopt can be. Here’s the link to our consultant’s site if you are interested in reading more about them: http://www.faithfuladoptionconsultants.com
We are currently working on our adoption profile book. Our profile book will play an important part in our adoption. This is basically a scrapbook of our lives-it includes pictures of us, describes our life, interests, beliefs and what kind of life we hope to give to a child. The purpose of this book is to allow the birthmother (and father if he is involved) to see if they can picture their child becoming part of our family. We even get to include a letter to the birthmother, thanking her for choosing life for her child and for considering us to parent her baby.
Once we have completed our home study, profile book, and done some fundraising, we will be ready to present to birthmothers. This means that our adoption consultants will start “matching” us with potential birthmothers. If we accept the birthmother as a match, our profile book will then be presented to her. The birthmother could be presented with many books at a time! She will look through them and choose the family she can picture raising her child. We might have to present our profile book to multiple birthmothers before one chooses us! Once she does choose us, we are committed to that baby (although the birthmother could still decide to parent her child up until shortly after the child is born).

How long will it take?

We aren’t sure! The typical adoption process can take anywhere from just a few months to a few years. Our adoption consultants help to make the process go much quicker and they have never had a family wait longer than 9 months to bring their baby home (once the family is approved and “active”). We are asking to be matched with a birthmother due in December or after, so that we will be back from Canada before bringing Baby K home! Hopefully we will have our baby home sometime between December and next May; it could be longer depending on many circumstances.

What are the expenses of adoption?

Adoptions are expensive. Adoptions in the U.S. typically range from $20,000-$45,000. The cost is very intimidating and most people are shocked when they learn about the financial side of adoption. (We are planning on writing an entire post on the financial aspects of adoption soon to talk about the details of what this cost covers!)
We are currently researching and thinking about ways to fundraise and finance our adoption. We are also starting to apply for grants and looking into adoption loans. We will be fundraising throughout our adoption process so that we will be prepared financially when Baby K is ready to come home!

How old? Gender? Race?

We are adopting a newborn. We are hoping to be there (wherever it ends up being) the day our baby is born (or as soon as possible).
We are excited to see what baby God has picked out for our family. When praying and talking about our options, Cary and I both felt like we should be open minded and not put many limitations on what baby could be ours. That being said, we don’t have a preference for gender! We might be able to find out the gender once we are matched with a birthmother. However, we might not know the gender until the baby is actually born!
We are also open to a baby from any race! We know adopting a child from a different race will be a challenge in many ways, but we are excited about the possibility of having a diverse family.

How can we help?

The number one way we would love for you to be a part of our journey is through prayer! There are so many unknowns in this process; we believe that God has a plan for us and that HE is in control! Pray for our hearts to fully trust in Him through the journey!
You can consider donating to our adoption. We are working on getting a donation site set up right now! We’re hoping it will be up and running in the next few weeks! You can also participate in the fundraisers that we will be putting on. We are brainstorming about fundraisers right now and will definitely need people who are willing to volunteer, donate items, time and resources!
Finally, keep asking us about our adoption adventure! We love to talk about it and it helps us feel supported and excited! 

Thanks for checking in! 

Our social worker gave us this document on appropriate adoption language. We've found it very helpful and wanted to share! :) 

Hope everyone had a great Easter! My thoughtful mom gave me this sweet little necklace for Easter. It is the first "baby gift" I've received and I love it!

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11


  1. Such wonderful updates. Keeping you and the family in my prayers sweet girl.

  2. How exciting and rewarding! Praying for the Lord to rule and overrule in the process, and bring the baby of His choice into your family and loving arms!

  3. Love your update. Very exciting times. I will certainly help in anyway that I can. Lots of love and support coming your way from us.