Thursday, May 22, 2014

1st Fundraiser COMPLETED!

Our Adoption Closet Sale has officially come to an end!!! The fundraiser was a HUGE success! We are so thankful for all who took part in our sale. We were SO encouraged by your contribution and support! Hope you will think of Baby K each time you wear your “new” items!

The sale initially started out with just my clothes for sale. I had the items set up all over the house and would coordinate times for friends to come "shop my closet". After the first week, my stock was quickly disappearing! I prayed for friends to offer to donate clothing to the sale. The next day (without me asking) multiple friends called me and showed up at my house with piles of clothes! Talk about an amazing blessing and immediate answer to prayer! The donated clothes kept coming in and allowed the sale to continue for over 3 weeks! I’m so thankful for each person who did a little “spring cleaning” and donated items to our clothing sale. We even had a friend who donated a gigantic box of brand new jewelry from her mom’s store! The jewelry donation allowed our sale to be more dynamic and was definitely a breath of fresh air! Our friends who were doing a similar fundraiser for a mission trip also donated the remainder of their clothes! The same day they donated the clothes, we had our highest number of customers come shop (16 girls!). God was so faithful to provide for our every need during the sale and He did it through so many of YOU! We are blown away by and thankful for everyone’s generosity.

Last weekend, we changed venues for our sale. We packed up everything (2 car loads worth of goods!) and transported it to Denham Springs, La. We set up our closet sale as a “sidewalk sale” in front of our friend Jessica’s awesome business Pretend Play Party. The sidewalk sale was a lot of work but was definitely a success! We could not have pulled it off without my awesome family. My mom, brother and sister worked so hard to help get everything transported and set up! They made us feel so supported and it was special to see how willing and excited they were to be a part of bringing in funds for Baby K! We also had family members in the area come out to help set up, shop and encourage us! All of the extra help was so needed and such a blessing to us! I have to give a special shout out to our friend Jessica (owner of Pretend Play Party)! The whole “sidewalk sale” was her idea and she was such a huge help with pulling it off! She was also super helpful with our entire closet sale in general! She shopped our sale (a few times), donated to our sale (a few times), brought multiple shoppers and has been such an encourager these past couple of weeks! Did I mention that she’s mother of 3 young children and runs her own business?! Jessica, thank you so much for all of your help, you are truly an inspiration!

The sale has officially ended, all the clothes have been packed away and our house is (almost) put back together! In total, we had 111 girls/women shop our sale…so amazing! We are SO excited to share that in 1 month we have raised $7,400 through our sale + donations! This means we are just over the 25% mark of our overall fundraising goal! WOW, how crazy cool is that?! Praise God, we are SO THANKFUL!

I feel like I should share that when I first considered doing the sale, I was doubtful that it would work and very scared of failure! I’m so thankful that I took a chance, stepped out, worked hard and that God blessed my leap of faith! This whole experience has way exceeded my expectations. I know God was working with a purpose through the sale to strengthen my faith and pull me out of my comfort zone. I share this in hope of encouraging you to take a leap of faith in your own life! I’ve been reminded that when we present our dreams to the Lord and commit our work to Him, He is faithful to show up and do mighty mighty things for us!

Thank you for checking in and following along in our journey! As always, we covet your prayers! Stay tuned for our next fundraiser, which will be launched in the next few days! We are hoping it will allow many more of you to be involved in our fundraising and adoption adventure!  

Opening day set up with only my clothes!

 Amazing jewelry donation! 

 The clothes kept multiplying! 

I should work in retail! ;) 

 Picking up clothes from our neighbors house! 

 Sidewalk Sale!!! 

My precious little sister working hard! 

 My mom and brother waiting on customers! 

 Relatives supporting Baby K! 

 More cousins shopping our sale! 

 Jessica kiddin' around! ;) 

 SO much for sale! I spy Cary! 

Our last round of packages waiting to be mailed to customers! 

Thanks for reading! :) 

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