Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Puzzle Fundraiser-Update!

Our puzzle fundraiser is exactly 60% complete!

179 out of 300 puzzle pieces have been claimed by donations so far! 
That means we have 119 pieces left until our puzzle is complete! 
1 puzzle piece = $30, so 119 puzzle pieces = $3,570! 

Here are some pictures of our growing puzzle! 
Each person represented on this puzzle has touched our hearts in an amazing way! We will always cherish this puzzle as a reminder of God's goodness, faithfulness & provision! It's also a daily reminder of the generosity & selflessness of people in our lives. Our sweet Baby K will always be able to see the tangible way our friends & family lived out the Gospel to help bring him/her home!


If you are interested in donating to our puzzle fundraiser… 

Here's how it works:
~We have customized a 300 piece puzzle. Each piece will represent someone who donated to help us bring Baby K home! 
~Each puzzle piece is a minimum donation of $30! 
~You may just want to be represented on one piece of our puzzle or on many pieces! 
~Your name will be written on the back of each piece you represent!

We would be so blessed and thankful if you were a part of this fundraiser! To get your puzzle piece, go to the paypal link on the right side of this blog! Or you can email us tylergordykoch@gmail.com for our mailing address if you are interested in sending a check, cash or have questions. 
Thanks so much for checking in! 

"All things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."
~Matthew 21:22

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