Sunday, July 20, 2014

Various Perspectives & Prayer Requests!

Hi y'all! I wanted to share some posts, stories & articles that I've been reading lately! The topics vary from infertility, pro-life, open adoption, trans-racial adoption, birth mothers, etc & have all encouraged & touched me in special ways. I know every journey to building a family is unique, but infertility & adoption has made our journey very different. A lot of the time, I don't feel understood by other women or young married friends or mothers. Reading other women's stories & experiences has been important in helping me relate & navigate through this process! I hope y'all will enjoy reading these & gain new insights into some of the topics! 


This post to birthmothers on adoption is beautiful & touched me in a deep way. I love how the author shares about the legacy of adoption in her own family. One woman's courageous decision to give her child life can impact a family for generations. I'm so thankful that there's a woman out there right now who will choose life & a family for her child. A brave, beautiful, courageous woman, full of sacrificial love for the child growing inside of her…a woman who will give us the most precious gift we could ever receive. I pray & thank God for our birth mother every day! This one is a must read! 

Love this pro-life post! This woman's story is inspiring, beautiful & reflects God's love so evidently! I love how she is sharing her experiences & standing up for other young unmarried women who find themselves pregnant. She gives some really practical & beautiful advice on how to reach out to & love on young pregnant mothers (I really love #6). 

You might also want to check out her previous post:

This post on infertility is raw, powerful, emotional, beautiful…and it's reached my heart & struggles. Check out the rest of her website to read more on her story of infertility, adoption & her faith journey through it all. She doesn't hide or cover up the pain she went through, but chooses to see how God was moving in her heart & life, even during her darkest days. If you're dealing with the pain of infertility, I hope this touches & encourages you. She has a book coming out this fall, I've already pre-ordered it! 

Link for the book!

I shared this post written to moms of adopted children a few weeks ago, but I had to share it again. This post reached right to my heart & made me cry "yes, this is for me" tears. This adoption journey is complex & different, & it's special to be able to read a post & connect with it in so many ways. 

This post is a series of pictures taken of a family & their precious baby! I love the range of emotion displayed in this photo series! Adoption is hard, emotional, so so beautiful & worth it. Their baby boy is so adorable! 

This post is written by a birth mother. It's so important to acknowledge & appreciate the birth mother's role, journey, experience, feelings, etc. in adoption! This post is simple but really beautiful insight from the perspective of a birth mother. 

I love the way this post explains the parallel between marriage & open adoption. We hope & pray that we will have the opportunity to treat our birth mother as part of our family. Whatever situation God has for us, I pray that we would do everything in our power to promote healthy, positive relationships with our child's birth mother & biological family. 

Photo Credit to r. guidry photographie 

How you can be praying for us:

We have a few more things to get done before we are "active" (ready to be matched with a birth mother & baby). We are really hoping to be finished with everything & active by mid-August! We would love for y'all to specifically pray that our profile book would be ready by this time. We also have some important decisions to make concerning what we are comfortable with as far as levels of alcohol & drug exposure to our baby. These decisions are big & really hard to make. We would love for you to pray for God's wisdom & peace to cover us as we make these decisions & complete our remaining paperwork. 

We would also love prayer over our continued fundraising, particularly for our puzzle fundraiser. Pray that we would stay faithful & encouraged throughout the high & low times in our fundraising. We need  prayers for wisdom & creativity as we continue our fundraising efforts. 

We cherish your prayers for our sweet Baby K & birth mother. We are specifically praying for our future relationship with our birth mother. We hope that we will develop a real relationship with her & be faithful in showing her the love of Christ throughout our adoption process & beyond. Please pray for her heart, that she would begin to experience the love, hope & acceptance that Jesus has for her in very real & tangible ways. Please pray for protection over our sweet baby & that God would divinely shield him/her from anything harmful or damaging as he/she develops. Pray that we would continue to trust in God's plan for our family & for our baby. Please pray that I would keep letting God into the painful parts of this process so that I can experience His love, healing & goodness. 

Pray that I would find other women & families to share with & learn from. I would love to be able to form a few friendships with other women who know what it's like to experience infertility & choose adoption. 

Pray that God would continue to strengthen our marriage & our faith as we walk this journey to adoption hand in hand. Would you pray that more people would be reached with our story & that God would work in the hearts of many for His glory. 

Photo Credit to Carolynn Seibert Photography

Thanks so much for all of the support, prayers, & sweet messages! We are blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. 

^This painting from our Etsy shop has been the most ordered item so far! God is determined to continually remind (stubborn & doubtful) me of His faithfulness & perfect timing!  

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