Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nesting: 6 weeks til Baby K!

We announced our adoption 10 months ago today. What a journey!
I wish I’d been better about posting more this past month. Life has been full of celebration, joy & answered prayers. Can’t believe baby girl will be making her arrival in less than 6 weeks!

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with our journey to "Bring Home Baby K", here's a little summary of our adventure:
We started the process to adopt last March after trying for over a year to conceive, receiving our infertility diagnosis & a few months of fertility treatment. Once we made the decision to adopt, God filled our lives with much peace & confidence that this was His plan for us at this time. We experienced much joy & anticipation as we walked through all the stages & steps of being certified, fundraising & preparing for a baby. In August we became "active", meaning we were ready paperwork wise & actively seeking to be matched with a birth mother & baby. In late November we finally received the much awaited call that we had been picked by a birth mother! The past 7 weeks have been a beautiful whirlwind of events & emotions. Our baby girl is due in Georgia around the end of February. Birth mother & baby are healthy; God has blessed us with a great situation. We have an open relationship with the birth mother & are so grateful for her. We will be at the hospital when baby girl is born & cannot wait to meet her! Your prayers would be greatly appreciated as we continue to prepare our hearts & lives for the sweet gift of our daughter through adoption. 

Baby names, tiny clothes, baby classes, nursery furniture, baby books & a long to-do list...all things baby are filling our minds these days! We are in full nesting mode & loving it. We’re all unpacked from Canada & settled into our house for the next couple of months. We've been on a major de-cluttering rampage. ;) After moving & feeling out of whack for a while, getting settled & organized feels wonderful.

My family & friends recently hosted a lovely baby shower for me. The shower was so special, beautiful & fun. My mom, sisters & Cary went all out on the precious decorations & sweet touches. I'll never forget it & I'm so thankful to everyone who was a part of the celebration. I'm truly a blessed girl to have such an awesome support system of beautiful & Godly women.

We’ve also been working on baby girl's nursery, which has been such a special experience for us. God definitely answered my prayers by giving me this time to enjoy the process of preparing a sweet place for our precious daughter. Often times, this isn't possible in adoption because things fall into place quickly & without a lot of notice. I'm so grateful for the time we've had to prepare & the remaining 6 or so weeks we have before baby girl makes her arrival. It's been so much fun to finally pour some of our creativity & craftiness into her room. Shout out to Cary for being such an amazing husband & daddy; he's been putting some major love into getting ready for Baby K!

I can’t say enough how grateful I am for this sweet time of celebration & preparation Cary & I are having before baby girl makes her arrival. This is the time that I longed for during those long months of "waiting"- waiting to conceive, waiting to hear a diagnosis, then waiting for adoption paperwork to be finished, waiting to be matched, waiting for God's timing...all that waiting was rough but this last bit of waiting is so sweet & healing. I love how God brings beauty from ashes & purpose to our pain. He is good.

To those of you still waiting, still hurting, still daring to hope...I pray this post will be an encouragement to you. I hope you will read it & know that there is purpose behind the wait... God is near, He can be trusted, He does hear you… Continue to dig deep into His promises through the hard times.

Prayer Requests:
As we’ve shared before, there’s still a lot that has to fall into place before baby girl can join our family. We are praying that we would continue to trust in God as we walk through it all. As the time for baby girl to arrive draws near, we know that emotions will be heightened & things can get complicated as we work out the remaining details. We are asking God to go before us in every upcoming decision & conversation. We want our actions & words to bring honor to Him through this whole process. Our prayer is for His peace, discernment & love to saturate our lives & prepare us for all that's in store over the next couple of weeks & months.
Would you join us in lifting up the birth mother & birth family of sweet Baby K in prayer? We are asking God to draw near to them in this time of preparation. We know that while this process is mostly exciting on our end, it is mostly difficult on their end. So much love, sacrifice & selflessness goes into this decision. It's not an easy choice to make. Please pray that God’s peace, comfort, confidence & strength would fill birth mother & her family. We praise God for the love involved in this situation & are forever grateful for the gift of adoption. We pray everyday that God would equip our hearts to love on birth mom unconditionally throughout this process. May His love be our focus & His voice rise above all fear, circumstance, difference that may arise as we continue to develop a relationship with Baby K’s birth family.
Our adoption is actually a private adoption through an attorney instead of an agency. We feel so blessed to have been connected with an awesome attorney & social worker team who we feel confident & comfortable with. Please lift them up in prayer as they help guide us through this process & love on birth mom & her family. They do so much to ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible & we are super grateful for them.
Would you continue to pray over us as we work through our “prepare for Baby K” list? We want to get as much done as possible these next few weeks so we can feel ready when the time comes for us to travel. A few things on our list are to find a place to stay in Georgia for the 2 week period we will be there, get some remaining paperwork finished, find someone to keep our dog while we are away, get packed & ready for the trip, etc. Would you be praying that every detail would fall into place? We are hoping that amidst the planning & to-do lists, we would keep our hearts focused on the miracle that is taking place. We also want to be sure to continue to spend some intentional one on one time together & enjoy each other before baby girl arrives.

We’ve shared before that adoption comes with a risk. The possibility that this situation could fall through is always in the back of our minds. But because of all we’ve been through on this long journey, I’m at the point where I can no longer keep my hope & joy buried in fear & “what ifs”. Pray that God would help us discern when we need to guard our hearts & when we can be free to enjoy celebrating this process. We are praying we will leave the GA hospital in 6 weeks holding our precious daughter & seeing this long journey come full circle. We are walking in faith that God’s plan is greater than ours could ever be. No matter what lies ahead, we know He will see us through.


  1. I haven't been able to follow on Instagram so I hadn't heard the wonderful news! Congrats to you both!! You are going to be an amazing mommy to little Baby K.


  2. Beautiful story and post. Thanks for sharing. We will be starting our adoption journey in a couple months and I'm encouraged by reading your blog. Wishing you both all the best!