Sunday, June 21, 2015

First Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads out there who love & serve their families so well. I’m so thankful for the special men in my life who fill the fatherly roll- my dad, my father-in-law & my grandfather.

It’s been an absolute joy to watch Cary fully embrace his role as a dad these past few months. His love for Isabel is so beautiful; those two have a special bond. My heart is blessed to know my daughter has such an awesome, fun, encouraging, engaged, faithful, kind-hearted man to love her & set an example for her. I can’t tell you know many times people have said, “Cary will be the best girl dad,” “Cary thrives as a daddy,” “He’s such a proud dad,” “He just adores you both,” and everyone is right, I can’t imagine a better man to lead our family; we are blessed. Most importantly, I’m thankful that Isabel has a father who knows, loves & serves His heavenly Father & will always point her to His love & truth.

I asked Cary to write a little post in honor of his first Father’s Day. Here’s a snapshot into my sweet man’s heart… So thankful for you, Cary! Happy Father’s Day to the best man I know.

My First Father’s Day…I cannot believe it’s here! What a journey it has been. Last year on this day we were optimistically celebrating the last Father’s Day we would spend without our baby. We were in Canada playing football, filling out adoption paperwork in every spare moment, and yes how could I forget to mention fundraising?!?! Tyler and I have always had a love connection through arts and crafts. Last year, we grew closer by using the gifts and talents we were blessed with to raise money for our sweet Baby K. I had so much fun creating and crafting that sometimes we were so immersed in checking things off a list that I lost focus on what the end goal was. I kept being reminded throughout the entire adoption process that things will go wrong, go right, go as planned, and definitely go unplanned! Through all the chaotic moments and still moments the constant reminder and reassurance from God was, at some points, the only thing that kept me together. 
Thinking about being the adoptive father of Baby K brought on so many emotions. In the beginning, my heart was hardened to the idea of adoption, but God – through my sweet wife – showed me how wonderful, special, and privileged adoption is. After this shift in my heart… a slow burning passion began to catch fire. I am so blown away at how small of a world I used to live in. Adoption will be a marker on our family forever and I am so proud of that.
ISABEL GRACE was welcomed into our loving arms on February 12, 2015… Some days you will just never forget! She made me a father on that day and all the days leading up to that moment just seemed to disappear. Not for one single second did I ever doubt or question or wonder if I was her Daddy. I knew that after the steps God had laid out for our family that this was right. This was physical confirmation that God is good, constant, and just challenging us to give it to him when our backs are up against the wall. Tyler and I were faced with something very very difficult with both of us being diagnosed with infertility. Through the pain and suffering we continued to trust in Him, and He gave us our sweet Isabel. He just needs a spark to get a fire going. 
With whatever your facing today, know that God is real! God is GOOD! He is ready to welcome you with arms wide open. Just give Him an honest chance to be your Father. No matter what father you have or wish you had… He is the Father that will never leave you nor forsake you. He will bring you through whatever circumstance you are going through. He will ALWAYS be there throughout the highs and the lows of your life-give you high fives on the best days of your life & to pick you up on the worst! 
To all the fathers out there, be brave, be bold, be zealous, be tenaciously in love with your wife and kids. Be a real man, an accountable man, and a humble man – a man who trusts in Jesus.

“Fatherhood is not about perfection, it’s about loving Jesus” –Jake Griffin

“Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work & increasing in the knowledge of God.”  -Colossians 1:10

Dear Isabel,  
Being your daddy brings me great joy! I love your big smile & the way you light up a room. I pray that I would continue to set a good example for you in the way that I live, so that you would experience my love not just through my words, but also through my actions. My prayer for you is that you would grow to know Jesus in a real & tangible way. No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my baby girl.




  2. Y'all are a beautiful looking family.