Monday, November 16, 2015

National Adoption Month: The 93% Giving Support

Throughout the month of November, I am participating in the #knittogetherbyadoption hashtag prompts on Instagram. (Follow me @theadventuresofbabyk) 
Everyday there is a topic that families & people touched by adoption write about. Sharing our stories helps bring awareness to adoption. I'm loving the opportunity to share more about our adoption journey & reflect back over all God has done in our family. I've also enjoyed reading posts from other people touched by adoption. One of the prompts from last week was to write about the responsibility of the Christian community to support adoptive & foster families.  

I want to preface this post by saying how blessed we were to have an amazing support system throughout our first adoption journey… The Gospel was lived out last year as so many families, friends & even strangers helped us bring Isabel home. 

There is a statistic that says if 7% of Christians in the world stepped up to adopt or care for a child in need of a family, there would be no more children waiting for families. That would leave the other 93% of Christians responsible for supporting the 7% of adoptive & foster families. 

Can you imagine how the world would change if we all stepped up to live this call out? The Bible is clear that as Christians, we are to care for orphans- not all of us are called to adopt, but ALL Christians are called to support those who do. Challenging, right?! There are SO many tangible & wonderful ways to support adoption without actually adopting or fostering! 

If you are a part of the 93%, pray about how you can be more involved in supporting adoptive & foster families. 

Below are *some* of the practical ways you can give support: 

Give --> The financial burden that accompanies adoption is the #1 reason more couples don't adopt… For our family & so many others, the greatest need is financial. Adoption is expensive & there's no way we could afford it without immense help from our friends, family & community. Donate, host fundraisers, help with fundraisers, share fundraisers- every little bit of encouragement & support helps!  

Pray & Encourage --> Pray for foster & adoptive families. Advocate for us. Reach out & be an emotional support system. Listen, encourage, speak life. Respect boundaries & be sensitive. Use positive adoption language (especially around the children)- it's important & it affects us, I promise. 

Serve --> Offer to help or organize help- bring meals, groceries, toys, hand-me-down clothes, hot coffee & gift cards. Give a baby-shower or host a supply drive for whatever is needed (it meant the absolute world to me when my family & friends gave us a baby shower) Provide free lawn care while families are adjusting, offer free baby-sitting, offer to dog sit for us for free or for cheap while we are away for a birth or international adoption trip-boarding costs add up quickly & it means so much to know our fur babies are cared for. Be creative, whatever talents you have- offer them in service! 

 We are forever grateful for the support we received with Isabel's adoption. We were supported in almost all of the ways I listed above, which made such a difference in our journey. Please know that I'm giving allllll of this advice to myself as well!!! Our journey opened our eyes to the need from more support to be given to families involved in adoption & we've been challenged to do more for other families. We have focused on supporting domestic adoption the most over the past year, & I am personally challenged & convicted to do SO MUCH MORE to support foster & international adoptive families this coming year...I especially feel like God is opening my eyes to how much foster families need support from community. 

Regardless of our specific situations, ALL adoptive or foster families need community to rally around us. Domestic adoption, international adoption & foster care are unique processes but each process takes a huge amount of work & sacrifice...each process can hard, exhausting & financially taxing. Bottom line: Families adopting & fostering need major help & the Christian community is called to be that help! 

So let's do it, y'all! Let's love big...Let's be generous with our money & resources...Let's help families who are answering the call to love & provide for these precious children...Let's change the world together! 

My sweet friend Kailey Birkeland of Cheers to Plan A put together this amazing list of small shops, many of which benefit orphan care & adoptive families. We are doing most of our Christmas shopping from small shops & adoption fundraisers this year & this list has been super helpful!
Check it out:
Shop Small Christmas Guide

If you're on Instagram, follow along with the #knittogetherbyadoption hashtag to hear from people touched by adoption throughout the month of November.

We are still blown away by the way our family, friends & community loved & helped us with Isabel's adoption. As you know, we are now starting our second adoption process. After much prayer, we feel strongly that God has called us to start the adoption process NOW, so we've stepped out in faith to start preparing. In order for it to be possible for us to adopt again, we have a long journey of fundraising ahead of us. It's literally impossible for us to do this again without a whole lot of support. If you would like to support us financially, check out the "Support Us" tab at the top of the blog for more info. If you'd like to read more about our decision to pursue another adoption, check out our previous posts: Crazy News & For This Child
We love y'all! 

With love & thanks,

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  1. Very excited for you! We are adopting our first in March! A newborn domestic adoption. If you don't mind, I may be e-mailing you some questions about your experience bringing home Isabel!