Sunday, November 1, 2015

National Adoption Month: Wanna Hear Some Crazy News?!

We have some big news to share with you…

Our little family is growing…
We are starting to prepare for another adoption!

We are so excited about adoption being the next step for our family. It's beautiful how the Lord has given us new dreams as we’ve grown in our understanding of His heart. We are excited to share this news with y'all on the first day of National Adoption Month. 

Whenever we received our infertility diagnosis, I felt like God had cursed us. Now I can see His blessings & purpose for us in it. Two years ago, I could never have imagined I would ever be able to say that & actually mean it with all my heart. While infertility is still very hard to deal with at times, it has ultimately opened doors that we would've never walked through otherwise... Infertility led us to adoption, which led to us to Isabel...who has brought the deepest joy to our hearts & lives. Our infertility & adoption journey led us to seek the Father's heart & will in ways we otherwise might have never done. We are certain that the Lord has placed a call upon our family to continue to grow & grow & adopt again, as well as to eventually foster, to believe in His perfect healing for our bodies & to continue to hope that we might also have a biological child someday… Basically we have come to a place of surrender before the Lord concerning the future of our family.

I believe the desire God has given us for a big family will be fulfilled in His own unique way. Over the past few months we have been praying for discernment over what is next for our family. Our desire to adopt again as soon as possible continues to grow stronger, so we are praying about the timing of when to begin. If you followed our journey to adopt Isabel, you know how much we had to save & fundraise to afford her adoption. Unfortunately, adoption is expensive...& it’s the biggest reason more people don’t adopt. Our hearts are ready to welcome another baby at any time in the next few months, year or year & a half; the ONLY thing holding us back, besides going through the process of getting certified again, is our finances. There’s no getting around it- it’s daunting to face the financial reality of adoption, especially so soon after already adopting. As we’ve prayed about the timing of another adoption, our financial reality has seemed to contradict what we feel God is calling us to do. If I’m being honest, we’ve been overwhelmed with discouragement & filled with questions of how we will make it work again so soon. What we keep coming back to & take comfort in is this truth: Whatever God calls us to, He will make a way for. We believe with absolute certainty that God funds what He favors. We experienced it firsthand with Isabel’s adoption!!! How could we ever doubt that He would provide for what He has called us to do?!
 I am a planner & hate going into any situation unprepared, yet here I am AGAIN putting my trust in God with full confidence that He will make a way for us as we adopt again. I know that He is asking me to lay down my plans, my timeline, my self-reliance & to surrender this next adoption to Him. At times I am afraid of starting the fundraising process again. I worry people won’t understand or support us adopting again so soon. Whenever those fears rise up in my heart, I go before God in prayer & He gives me peace. Although I cannot see how it will all happen, I know God is asking us to trust Him to provide for our family. He just keeps deepening our faith as we surrender our hearts to Him.

I know that God is using our adoption journey for a bigger purpose than just our growing family. I believe that one reason He is calling us to adopt at times when we are not even close to being able to afford it (let’s be real- when it seems impossible for us to afford it!) is because He wants others to witness the miraculous way He provides for His children. I believe God is calling others to play an active part of our adoption journey so that through it, they may catch a glimpse of His heart for adoption. I believe He is inviting us all to grow in our understanding of His love for every one of us as we gain a new perspective of His heart for redemption & family-not just for the precious babies who join families through adoption, but for His adoption of each of us as we become His children through faith in Christ.

We feel strongly that another adoption is the path God has for us & have decided not to let fear discourage us from stepping out again in faith to fundraise.
 *Just to clarify, we aren’t starting any official adoption certification or paperwork quite yet. Right now we are just praying about the timing of when to start the process again & starting to prepare financially. The sooner the funds come in, the sooner we can officially start paperwork again. We figure it will take around a year, give or take a few months, to prepare financially.* 
We are praying for creativity as we come up with fundraising ideas, energy & work ethic to carry them out & a community that will generously support us again! Although it’s intimidating to fundraise so significantly again, we will do anything & everything we can to financially prepare for another adoption, believing that God will open doors for us every single step of the way. We will soon be sharing tons of ways for you to partner with us in our adoption fundraising efforts for Baby K #2. The first way you can support our growing family is to check out our Etsy shop, link below. We have such big dreams for our next little one & can’t wait to see how this new adventure unfolds! Thank you for loving & supporting our growing family. We feel so incredibly blessed by our friends, family & community.

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God has given us new passions & a heart to shine the light of His love to the world in a bigger way than we would've done if "our plan" would have unfolded. Even though the thought of starting this crazy process again can be overwhelming, I have such a peace about the future of our family. It took a long time for me to see our journey in this new light. The months & years of pain, struggle & hurt through infertility & childlessness were the hardest of my life, but in the depth of heartbreak, I experienced God’s presence & a renewed purpose.  

We each have our own hardships, heartbreaks, dreams & battles...I pray that you would find peace in your own personal journey by seeking strength & finding hope in the One who makes no mistakes. He loves you deeper than you could ever imagine. 

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ~Jeremiah 29:11

If you have questions about our new adventure feel free to email us at

With love,

Tyler, Cary & Isabel

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  1. I am so looking forward to watching this next step in your journey unfold.