Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday, Isabel!

Today our baby girl is ONE year old! 

This is going to sound so cliche, but this year FLEW BY! 
One minute we were driving home from Georgia thinking we had all the time in the world to snuggle our newborn baby girl, & bam…the next minute we were making decorations for her 1st birthday party & crying our eyes out over how big our baby is! I am caught between wishing I could rewind the clock to experience her 1st year all over again & looking forward to all that is to come as she continues to learn & grow this next year. 


To beautiful Izzy, on her 1st birthday:

Years of prayer came to fruition the day our lives collided. We met in a hospital room, like mothers & daughters usually do. However, our story is not as simple as most. 

Your daddy held me close as the nurses in the room seemed to shift into high gear. You were finally coming & you were coming fast. Sterile hospital gown & gloves were slipped on & then all of a sudden it was time. My hands were shaking & my heart beating so fast. I looked up at your birth mother, at the clock & then back at your daddy one final time. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.


As I stood near your beautiful birth mom's bedside, waiting for you to arrive, watching her bring you into the world & into my arms, time seemed to stand still. After all the waiting, dreaming & hoping, there you were in the flesh...tiny, beautiful & so perfect. As I held you, everyone else faded away for a moment & my heart exploded with joy. Our long journey to find you finally made perfect sense.

We love you sweet Isabel Grace. You have our hearts forever & ever. Happy 1st Birthday! 

Beautiful photography by Elizabeth LaRoche:


Adoption #2 Fundraising Announcement: 
 Every month, the cutest shop on earth aka Live Sweet Shop, gives a portion of sales to an adoptive family. We are so thrilled to share that Live Sweet Shop will be donating a portion of all February sales to our adoption fund for Baby K #2! 
We absolutely adore Live Sweet's precious & whimsical products! They have the cutest dolls, blankets, pillows, headbands & more listed in their shop. Izzy loves her Live Sweet Flora Fawn doll, pictured below. If you're interested in shopping or just want to check out the happiness that is everything Live Sweet, links to their shop & Instagram pages (you can purchase products from Instagram as well) are posted below. So grateful to Live Sweet for partnering with our family to help bring home Izzy's little brother or sister! 

We are excited about celebrating Isabel's first year of life with family & friends tomorrow at her birthday party. Can't wait to share the photos here with all of the wonderful people who continue to follow & support us! :)

Much love, 

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