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Choosing Adoption: Part 1: Domestic Infant Adoption

We are asked all the time how we decided adoption was right for our family/how we knew God was calling us to adopt. We are open about our story & love sharing what God has done in our family over the past 2 years. 

Since the answer to the question "How did you know God was calling you to adopt?" is complex & different for every family impacted by adoption, I've put together various perspectives & testimonies for those of you considering adoption. I asked some woman I greatly admire to share bits of their stories with you in a 3 part series called Choosing Adoption. You can read Choosing Adoption Part 1: Domestic Infant Adoption below! 
Part 2: International Adoption & Part 3: Foster Care Adoption will be posted later this week. 

Our Story:
 If this is your first time visiting our blog, here's some background on how the Lord led us to adoption: 
2 years ago, Cary & I were going through some of the darkest days of our lives after receiving our infertility diagnosis, seeing a specialist & experiencing failed IUIs. The sadness & hopelessness I felt during that time was real & deep. On top of all the emotions I was feeling & grief we were walking through, I was also dealing with a lot of confusion & an unsettling feeling that fertility treatment was not the right step for us at that time. As I prayed through these feelings & explored the desires & questions in my heart, I was able to work through some of my hurt & anger with the Lord. As I spent time in prayer, expressing all my pain & confusion to Him, I was finally able to open my heart & ask God to guide us. It was the first time since receiving our infertility diagnosis that I was truly able to surrender my heart & plans to the Lord. That’s when God laid the option of adoption on my heart with intensity & clarity. I brought the option of adoption up to Cary & he also felt we should look into it (we had always been open to adoption, but pictured it later down the road for our family). We decided to stop fertility treatments & started praying about & researching adoption. The more we talked & prayed about adoption, the more certain we were that it was the Lord’s plan for our family. We officially made the decision to adopt in March of 2014. We were immediately filled with the peace & joy that had been lacking from our lives for a long time. Throughout the adoption process, God continued to confirm His calling on our family, ignited a passion in our hearts for adoption & gave us a deep love for the baby that He would be bringing into our family. 11 months after we started the process, our beautiful daughter, Isabel, was born & placed in our arms. I am forever grateful we opened our hearts to adoption & God’s plan rather than clinging to fear & continuing forward with fertility treatment when we knew in our hearts it wasn’t the right step for us. Throughout the adoption process, although we continued to have a God given confidence that we were called us to adopt, it was still a difficult & scary process at times. The Lord strengthened us, equipped us & provided for us every step of the way. Our daughter is the greatest gift ever & we cannot imagine life without her! We are excited to be adding to our family through adoption again & are stepping out in faith to trust God to lead us through the process.

 More posts about our journey with adoption: Our 1st Adoption Announcement3rd AnniversaryReflecting on the Journey & Adopting Again


Caeli's Story:
My wonderful husband and I knew we wanted a family shortly after we were married and after some painful years of dealing with infertility, we were meeting with a new doctor and had a few options in front of us for how we could proceed in trying to get pregnant. We came home and discussed our options, but we didn't feel at peace in our hearts, at that time, about what was ahead.
Nick and I have always loved children, and had discussed a desire to grow our family through adoption at some point in our family planning. We always knew children wouldn't have to biologically come from us for us to love them and be our family. It was at that moment where we came to a point of desiring to have a child but not knowing which direction or path to take, that God put adoption on our hearts. And he put it in our hearts with a sense of urgency, to the point that my husband and I actually started praying for our child because we felt like God was telling us that he or she was already on the way. We went to work getting our home study completed and began working with an adoption consultant. And four short months later, we brought our baby girl home. It was like God just needed us to put our "yes!" out there and He took care of the rest. God planted this desire to adopt in our hearts and we couldn't ignore it. Life is beautiful when our passions become our calling! Adoption is hard, but it is worth it, and if we let Him, it is often in our hardships and brokenness that God will use us. Adoption can be overwhelming, but I love this quote by author Gary Smalley, "God specializes in impossible situations." He takes our fears of the future and promises to walk with us. I am so thankful for His plan for adoption for our family! ~Caeli

Crishana's Story:
Adoption is a journey of surrender. We surrender our will, way, thoughts and timing and take on His; He breaks us and makes us more like HIM so that His glory can be seen in our story.
Some come to adoption to expand their family, others to make a difference in the world, nevertheless, I come to adoption out of a heart of obedience to God. Adoption is my calling; at the age of 5, I felt God speak this to me and it has led me every day until this time. 
I always tell people that adoption never sleeps.  I literally eat, breathe and sleep it 24 hours a day. God has graced me to be able to minister to and encourage those who are going through the process, to guide and pray for our daughter's birth mom as she proceeds in her life's endeavors, and to muster up the strength to walk a second adoption journey of our own.
Adoption is not easy and it is not cheap. Neither was our redemption, for it was bought with a price- the blood of Jesus. Sometimes this journey, full of uncertainty and loss, surely feels like a cat of nine tails striking against your heart. But in our brokenness, there is beauty. We are beautifully broken before a perfect God who seeks to mend all of our broken pieces. We all come to adoption broken- adoptive families, birth families, and the adoptees. We all need the grace of God as we pursue this avenue of change.  Growing together through the journey of adoption is a beautiful exchange.  Adoption is the heart of God. ~Crishana
Crishana & her husband are adopting again. Check out their GoFundMe Page to support their growing family!

 Kailey's story:

Looking back and thinking about the decision to adopt ​

​reminds me the best plan is normally not 

our plan. And I am so thankful that my plan did not play out, but Plan A did. Plan A included many things that led us to adoption, but a couple of events really remind me of how the Lord works things out for good. 

The Lord laid adoption on my heart 10 years before Evie was born and that was were the seed of adoption was born for me. Fast forward years later ​to ​my husband ​not being ​sure that adoption was right for us, but ​then ​
the Lord literally did a 180 on his heart. In June 2013,​
 he told me he wasn't sure about adoption and in August 2013, he was ready to start the process. Then​,​
 over the course of about five months, the Lord blessed us through amazing friends family with enough funds to ​cover the costs of our adoption. Finally in December of 2014, we were miraculously matched with our birthmother via Facebook... yes, you read that correct. Facebook! All of these events lead us and confirmed that the Lord was blessing this journey of adoption towards our baby girl. And for that, I am forever grateful because I can not imagine my life without my Evie Rose. She's the greatest gift we've ever been given. Ever. ~Kailey

*If you would like to read more about Kailey's journey to Evie Rose, please check out her blog: kbirkeland.com ​


I just love each of these precious families & their testimonies. One of the unexpected blessings of infertility & adoption has been the friendships I've developed through social media. It's been amazing to walk & pray alongside other women who share the same passion about adoption that I do. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your hearts & stories, friends!

If you are feeling drawn to adoption, I would encourage you to spend time in prayer, do some research & surrender your heart & plans to the Lord. Maybe your story includes adoption, maybe it doesn’t! I’m not here to answer that question for you either way, that’s for you to discern & the Lord to lead. If you are considering adoption, my hope is for this series on Choosing Adoption would encourage you to hand your heart & story over to the Lord.

Stay tuned for Choosing Adoption: Part 2 & Part 3! 
With love,

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~Jeremiah 29:11

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