Friday, April 1, 2016

Adoption #2 Update!

If you haven’t heard the news yet… 
We are matched!

If all goes according to plan, we will have our baby boy in our arms in exactly 12 days!!! We are SO excited, amazed by God’s plan & busy preparing for baby boy!
I’m hoping to share more details about how everything came together so quickly & unexpectedly with y’all very soon. You can read a little bit more & watch our Adoption Announcement video on our YouCaring page:

I was also asked to shared more about our journey over on my friend Kailey's blog for her Be Brave Series, you can check out my post here. It's always an honor to share our story in the hope of encouraging others. 

Back to our adoption update…
The adoption fees for this adoption are much lower than we were expecting since this particular situation is unique & the ministry that connected us to Noah's birth mom isn't charging a matching fee. Amazing, Praise God! Although the fees are lower, we were not expecting to be matched for another year & thought we had plenty of time left to save & fundraise, so we are still a few thousand dollars short on the funds for our attorney.

If you'd like to give you can do so through YouCaring
or through Paypal ( 
-choose "send money to friends & family option" 
We are also working on another adoption fundraiser, 
details coming soon! 

We would appreciate prayers for us, the brave birth mom & precious baby boy as we all prepared for his arrival. God is so good & we know He will continue to cover us with His grace, peace & provision during this exciting time!

With love,


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