Thursday, April 14, 2016

Baby K #2: Prayer Requests for Birth & Days Following

Yesterday Cary & I are celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! Today (Friday, April 15th) we will witness baby boy's birth & God-willing, become a family of 4!!!

We wanted to fill y'all in on the plan for the birth, hospital stay & the days following. Adoption is incredibly beautiful, yet heartbreaking at the same time. We cherish your prayers during this emotional time, especially over the next week while we are in the hospital & then home with baby boy. 

Little man will be born via c-section today (April 15th) at NOON. The original plan was for him to be born at 7 a.m. but we found out at 5 a.m. this morning that a scheduling error was made & the procedure had to be pushed back. That's adoption for you…!
 The plan is for us to be in the room when he is born. We are honored & excited to be included in such an intimate way. We cannot wait to meet him! 
We want to love & support his birth mom as much as possible throughout his birth & afterwards while we are all in the hospital. We are asking God for His hand of protection over birth mom & baby during the c-section. We are praying that baby boy will be born healthy, without complications & for our hospital stay to be smooth. The plan is for us to care for baby boy while we are in the hospital. We are praying a room will be available for us to stay in with him. We will find out if we will be able to have a room tomorrow morning. Please be praying for room availability & favor throughout our hospital stay. We are praying that the nursing staff would be accommodating & sensitive to the entire adoption situation. We are praying for good communication between everyone involved with this situation, especially for great communication between us & little man's birth family. This is a highly sensitive time for everyone. Our hearts want to honor his birth parents as much as possible during this time. Even if things are scary, emotional & uncertain, we want to love them as best we can, whatever that means. 

We are asking God to be near to little man's birth mom throughout this hard process, especially in the hours & days following the birth. We are praying for peace in the midst of her pain & for wisdom, clarity & strength as she makes her final decision to choose adoption & us. The plan is for baby boy to be discharged & come home with us. His birth mom cannot sign the adoption papers until 5 (24 hour) days after the day of his birth have passed. We will not be sharing pictures of him until the adoption papers are signed. 

Those long days of waiting will be extremely difficult for us all. We are praying for the Lord's peace & rest to cover us during that time period. It's scary to put your heart on the line when things are so uncertain…but we know the Lord holds our future & the future of baby boy in His loving hands. We believe His plans are best & we know He will be with us every step of the way. We know no matter what comes, He is enough for us. We want to put our hope in Him, not the outcome of this situation. We are clinging to these truths as we enter into this week. 

We are asking for visitors to hold off until the adoption papers have been signed. We want to take that time to bond & adjust to being home with baby boy & Izzy. Once the 5 days have passed & papers are signed, the birth mom's decision to choose adoption & us as parents is a final one! 

We also still need to have the birth father sign surrenders. This was supposed to happen this week, but there have been a few complications. As of now, he is scheduled to sign on Monday. We are praying he signs Monday so the situation doesn't drag out. We would appreciate prayers for him during this emotional time. 

Isabel will be staying with my family while we are at the hospital. We will miss her so much, but she will be making a few trips to visit us & meet baby brother while we are there. :) We would appreciate prayers of protection over her while we are apart. 
We are so excited about Izzy & baby boy being so close in age, but we know it'll be quite the transition for us all! We would appreciate your prayers as we all come home & begin to adjust to life as a family of 4! 

We are believing God will continue to do "much more than we could ever ask or imagine" as we trust in His plan for our growing family. We are so thankful to have such an incredible community supporting & praying for us! We can't wait to share pictures of little man with all of you once the adoption papers are signed! 

With love,

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think." ~Ephesians 3:20

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