Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday Isabel Grace!

Our precious Izzy is 2 years old...cue the tears! 
I can remember every moment about the day she was born like it was yesterday. 

Being Isabel's momma these past two years has been an absolute joy & our greatest honor! I can't believe how fast time with our girl has flown, especially this past year. 

This year Isabel: 
~Learned to walk, run, climb, dance & jump! 
~Became a big sister to Noah Griffin...she handled the transition so well & has become an incredible sister. Izzy & Noah are besties & love each other so much! 
~Flew on an airplane for the first time.
~Played in the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico & spent a lot of time in Sassy's swimming pool...she loves the water! 
~Learned to pray...cutest "Amen" ever. :)
~Took a road trip to visit her birth family for the first time since she was born...such a special visit for us all! 
~Developed a love for books...I love to watch her read book after book every day.  
~Learned tons of new words, songs & conquered many milestones 
~Continued to melt our hearts, make us laugh, amaze us with the depth of her sweetness & bring immeasurable joy to our family on a daily basis! 

Isabel Grace, you are so loved & cherished! 
You have the most tender, generous & loving heart. Daddy & I are honored to be your parents & are so excited to see you continue to grow, learn & shine this next year! 
Happy Birthday sweet girl. 

Today as we celebrate our daughter's birthday we also carry her birth mom in our hearts & prayers. 
Thank you to each & every person who helped us bring Izzy home, prayed for us, celebrated her arrival & who have loved her from near & far these past 2 years.

With love,

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