Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fertility Post Follow Up

Cary & I want to thank everyone for the prayers, well wishes & sweet messages we received this week after sharing our post Faith, Fertility & Family Update. Y'all are amazing & it's so encouraging to know you are praying for us!

We wanted to follow up & tell y'all a little bit about the appointment & what the plan is moving forward. First off, the appointment was great! This was the first fertility related appointment I've ever gotten through without crying or having anxiety, so needless to say, that was an amazing major change! :) Not only did I not cry or deal with any negative emotions, but instead I was filled with peace & hope the entire day. So thank you for the prayers for peace & hope because we were undoubtably covered!

We really liked the doctor & spent two hours talking through everything & making a plan. This type of fertility approach (Napro Technology) is thorough & focused on discovering & treating all underlying health & reproductive issues so our bodies will be able to function as they are meant to. Dr. McGlynn can see many issues just from our Creighton charting, intake forms & from our conversation. She will be able to start addressing many of the problems right away.
The lab took 13 vials of blood & are running over 30 tests to give us more info about what's going on in my body. If you know me, you might know that I used to be deathly afraid of needles. I sat in that chair & didn't even flinch as the tech took, in her own words, "more blood than she's ever taken from someone at the lab." I didn't even get light-headed afterwards (in the past I would have likely passed out)...just another testament of the Lord's presence & peace over me!

We will see the doctor again in 6 weeks for a follow up. In the meantime, we have a lot of work to do! I'll go in for an ultrasound next week to check for polyps or fibroids. I'll also have to get blood drawn about 6+ times on certain days of my upcoming monthly cycle. The blood work will give the doctor specific information about what's going on with my hormones during my fertile days. I have a list of vitamins & supplements to start taking. 

We also have to change our diet pretty drastically! Gasp! This will be a hard change for me! We will be starting an anti-inflammatory diet, so Paleo/gluten & diary free. Ah!!! Anyone who knows me knows I'm basically a walking pizza ;)

 Thanks Bitmoji lol! 

On one hand, I'm dreading the diet but at the same time, I'm ready for some relief & know this change will have a positive impact on my health. Anyone who does Paleo or gluten & diary free, please feel free to send us your favorite recipes & tips!
I had to sneak in one more milkshake before we start our new diet! I think I deserved it after the blood draw ;)

We are waiting for a call back so we can get a exploratory laparoscopic surgery scheduled in the next couple of months. The purpose of the lap will be to check for endometriosis & get a better idea of how things look inside. Cary's fertility will be also evaluated in the next few weeks to give us a full picture of our fertility as we make a plan to move forward.
This guy :) 

The appointment was more costly than I was expecting & the costs will continue to add up as we move forward. This is still a stressor and a struggle for me to accept, but I am looking at this not only as an investment into hopefully restoring our fertility, but also into my health, which is I know is invaluable.

It feels great to be moving in a healthier & proactive direction! We left the appointment feeling hopeful & excited. This is such a different experience than our previous experiences & I am so grateful! The peace we have is a confirmation from the Lord that we are in the right place, at the right time & He is with us.

We were so happy to come home after our appointment to our sweet babies & snuggle up as a family after a long day.
So thankful for my two precious babies!

I know these types of posts can be TMI, but I wanted to give some real info for others interested in learning more about this process. Hopefully I did an okay job of sharing enough without going into too many details ;) Y'all hang in there with me!
We have received a lot of questions about Creighton & Napro in the past few days. For those of you asking, we are seeing doctor McGlynn at the Gianna Center of the GulfSouth in Covington, La. We are still in the beginning stages of learning about the Napro process, but I'll try my best to answer questions as they come in & also refer y'all to a few sites with more info:

One thing I know is this process is not a quick fix. We would appreciate continued prayers for peace, hope, wisdom & answers as well well as endurance, perseverance, strength & patience!

Thanks again for all of the love & support!

Love & thanks,

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