Monday, March 13, 2017

Memory Lane: Matched With Noah

Our journey to Noah is an incredibly powerful testimony of God's good & perfect plans. 
One year ago last week, we heard about Noah for the first time. We were still in the beginning stages of preparing for another adoption. Our hearts were ready & open to another baby, but we thought it would be a while before we could afford to adopt again. Even though we didn't have the funds yet, God kept putting it on my heart that our baby was coming "soon." 

One morning as I was having my quiet time & struggling with understanding His plan, the Lord told me to rest. He covered my in His perfect peace. Later that day, He put it on my heart to call a local crisis pregnancy home one.more.time (I had called a few times before hoping to pass along our info in case any women came in looking for an adoptive family, but I hadn't had luck getting anyone on the phone). I called, the director answered & told me about a woman who had just contacted them who was due "soon" with a baby boy & looking for a family. We sent over our profile book that night & waited to hear back. 

A week later, one year ago today, we learned we had been chosen by Noah's birth mom & that she was scheduled to deliver in 1 month! The Lord provided every step of the way & the details fell into place quickly. One month later, our son was born, placed in our arms & the rest is history! Noah means peace & rest. 

So grateful for the precious gift of our baby boy! Seriously can't believe he will be one next month. Thankful for his birth mom's courage & selflessness. Thankful for the Lord's peace & guidance over our journey. Grateful for the supportive community who has walked with us through it all! 

With love,

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