Saturday, May 13, 2017

Birth Mother's Day

Today is recognized as Birth Mother's Day. 
Everyday, but especially this weekend, I carry my children's beautiful birth moms in my heart. I wouldn't be celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow or living out my dream of being a mother everyday if it weren't for these two women & their brave decisions... I am beyond grateful for the loving sacrifice both Izzy & Noah's birth moms made when they chose life, chose adoption & chose us... I am forever humbled & blessed by their decision to entrust the most precious gifts in the world to us... 

I am thankful that God made a way for us all through the option of adoption. In both situations, He knit all of our hearts together in love for the sake of our children...through His grace, we share an incredible, bitter sweet, beauty-from-ashes kind of bond... Together we are motherhood.

Would you join me in lifting up two very special women in prayer today?!

With love,

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