Tuesday, May 2, 2017

National Infertility Awareness Week: Our Hope Is In Him

As National Infertility Awareness Week comes to a close, I wanted to thank all of you for all the love & support you've sent my way this wk & over the past 3 years as I've shared my heart here. 

Infertility has taken a lot from me, but it has also given me so much...my babies, strengthened faith, a heart for adoption & empathy for others walking through infertility. As hard as this journey has been, I wouldn't change a second of it because it brought us our greatest gifts, Isabel & Noah! They are beyond worth every second of the pain, wait & process it took to find them! They are my heart...it's my dream come true & greatest joy to spend my life loving them.

I'm grateful for the Lord's plan & His faithfulness to me. Infertility is a part of our story, but it doesn't define us. Our hope & identity is in Him! We are hopeful for what's to come & know He isn't finished writing our story yet! 
We have a fertility appointment this Thursday. After our appointment, I'm going to write a post to update y'all about our test results & what the next steps are. Thanks for your continued prayers. :) Means the world!

With love,

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