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Hi, I'm Tyler! 
 I'm passionate about my family, adoption & my relationship with God. I love sharing my heart, faith, infertility, adoption & motherhood here on our blog.

 A little bit more about me
I'm a night owl, a huge fan of the beach & I love curling up with a good book. If you want to make my day, bring me a mocha from Starbucks! ;) I enjoy crafting & decorating. Photo adventures are pretty much my favorite thing ever! 

Our family…

I'm married to my amazing husband Cary. We have two beautiful kids, Isabel & Noah.

If you know me, you know that I'm obsessed with my little family. My husband Cary is an incredibly handsome, sweet, fun & passionate man. He is also absolutely my better half! Cary & I are crazy in love with each other & our children. Our desire is to live purposeful lives that reflect the heart of God. 

Our Adoption Adventure...
In April 2014, we went through the process of adoption for the first time. The adventure was wild, wonderful & challenging, to say the least. I've always loved to express myself through writing. When we started our journey to adopt, I felt God calling me to share our story. This blog has not only been an awesome way for us to include our family & friends in our adventure to bring "Baby K" home, but also a way for God to move in the hearts of many. It's been humbling & encouraging to see Him move & inspire hope in the lives of others through our story.   

In February 2015, we welcomed our precious daughter, Isabel Grace, into the world! Isabel is the light of our lives. When we saw her face for the first time, our hearts exploded with joy. The long, hard road it took to find her finally made perfect sense.
Izzy is our precious treasure! She's our perfect, spunky, silly, sweet princess. We love her more than words could ever say. 

When Isabel was 6 months old, God put adoption on our hearts again. We started preparing our hearts for another baby & 9 months later our son, Noah Griffin, was born! 
Our sweet boy is the perfect addition to our little family. 
Noah is a testament of God's goodness & provision. 
His life is such a gift to us & such an answer to prayer! 
We love watching our adorable boy grow & chase after his big sis. 

There are no words to describe our love & gratitude for our babies. Now that we have adopted twice & become parents, we are learning that the real "adventure" is actually just beginning! I'm love continuing to share here what God is teaching me in my faith through adoption & motherhood. 

A little bit more about us…

Our Love Story
We were both born & raised in Louisiana. We met at a Christian conference in 2009 when we were both in college & felt drawn to each other instantly. We knew early on we would end up together & had so much fun falling in love with each other during our dating days. We dated long distance across countries (half of the year we were together in Louisiana and the other half Cary was away in Canada). In August 2011, Cary proposed. I was completely surprised & overjoyed! 7 months later we were married at my childhood home in Louisiana. We had a beautiful special ceremony & felt so loved and supported by hundreds of our friends & family. It’s been 3.5 years of marriage so far, & we really do love each more than ever. Marriage isn't always easy, but God's grace & love + lots of communication & forgiveness helps to keep us flourishing & on track.

What led us to adoption:
 Even before we were married we felt God calling us toward adoption. We see adoption as a beautiful way to respond to God’s love for us.  By adopting a child into our family, we are modeling God’s action of adopting us into His family.

 After trying unsuccessfully for over a year to conceive & being diagnosed with infertility, we felt in our hearts that it was the right time for us to pursue adoption. After 2+ years of hoping for a child, we finally welcomed our sweet Isabel Grace home. 14 months later, we adopted our precious Noah. 
Now that we have been through the process twice, we can testify that although adoption is definitely hard, messy & expensive, it is ultimately a beautiful miracle that is worth every hard second.
Adoption is such a gift to our family & we are head over heels in love with our kiddos. We have always desired to have a big family & are excited to see where God leads us from here. 

"For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God's Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, "Abba, Father."For his Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God's children."
Romans 8:14-16 
"Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you."
James 1:27
"And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me."
Matthew 18:5

CFL Football: 
If you know us or keep up with our blog, you've probably heard me mention Canada & moving a few times. 
Cary played professional football in the CFL (Canadian Football League) for 5 years. 2 of those years took place while we were dated & the other 3 while we were married. Having football as our job was such an adventure! We lived for half of the year in Louisiana & the other half was spent in Canada for the football season. Football allowed us to experience moving & traveling while making awesome friends & memories in the process. Cary was a receiver & it  was a blessing to see him live out his dream of being a professional athlete. Now that football is over, we have settled down in our home state of Louisiana. We miss football life, but love the stability we know have in our lives. It's so nice to be near family & friends again, especially now that we have kids! Although we are happy to be home, we will never forget the amazing memories we made & people we met while in Canada :)

 I'm just a simple girl with big dreams in my heart, a wife in need of God's grace & a mother desiring to raise my children to be world changers. I'm walking with the Lord through the highs & lows of life, & surrendering my life to Him with a desire to be changed & made more in His image. Through mistakes & triumphs, I am learning daily what it means to be brave, to love deeper & to extend grace more freely.  
I share our story not because we have it all together, but because through our story of brokenness, faith & hope, the Lord is moving to touch & encourage others.

We all have a story to tell. God has created each of us for a unique purpose in Him. I hope that my story will encourage & inspire you to see beauty in the every day, seemingly ordinary moments of life, to take action in the causes you are passionate about & to seek God in a deeper, more intimate way. 

Thanks for visiting our blog and reading our story. I hope you will be encouraged by what you read here!

Please feel free to share our blog! You can also find us on Instagram: @theadventuresofbabyk

With love,

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